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Какао-напиток С&C Chocolate and Cacao Оксамитовий 350 г

C&C Chocolate and Cacao

С&C Chocolate and Cacao cocoa drink Oksamytovyi 350 g

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92 ₴

С&C Chocolate and Cacao cocoa drink Oksamytovyi - a ready-made mixture for the preparation of cocoa drink in coffee houses and restaurants. Prepared using a coffee machine steam generator in 30-40 seconds. You can also cook by thoroughly stirring in hot milk or water. The sweet cocoa drink has a soft, natural taste, a pleasant velvety texture and the aroma of real cocoa

Features coffee

Country of manufacture
350 г
Type of coffee


Share of cocoa
25% cocoa
Return and exchange of goods within 30 days
Official Product Assurance


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