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Какао-напиток С&C Chocolate and Cacao По-кайєнськи 350 г

C&C Chocolate and Cacao

С&C Chocolate and Cacao Cocoa drink Po-kaiiensky 350 g

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129 ₴

С&C Chocolate and Cacao Cocoa drink Po-kaiiensky an exclusive cayenne pepper drink for those who like to experiment. It has a rich cocoa flavor with a tangible spicy flavor of pepper. The benefits of this drink are hard to overestimate. Cocoa C&C Po-kaiiensky is a powerful aphrodisiac, increases potency, stimulates the production of sex hormones, neutralizes the effects of stress, causes a surge of strength, has tonic properties and increases blood testosterone in men. Chili pepper also dilates blood vessels and enhances blood circulation, which many times increases the beneficial effects of cocoa! The finished mix is ​​suitable for making cocoa on coffee machines or at home.

Features coffee
Country of manufacture
350 г
Type of coffee
Share of cocoa
50% cocoa
Return and exchange of goods within 30 days
Official Product Assurance

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