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Кофемашина GAGGIA Brera Black


Coffee Machine GAGGIA Brera Black

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13,999 ₴

Small, compact metal-shiny, with beautiful smooth contours, this espresso coffee machine fits perfectly into the interior of any kitchen. Easy access to containers for coffee beans, oil cake and water makes the Gaggia Brera easy to care for even in very limited kitchen spaces. The device does not have to be moved or deployed - all the necessary elements are put forward in its frontal part. The electronic control panel Gaggia Brera is represented by four convenient buttons and a large-format LED display. It is on it that prompts are displayed in the management of the coffee machine, changing settings - programming the serving volume, as well as the strength of the drink (7 - 10.5 g per serving) - and a reminder when you need to rinse and clean the device. Gaggia Brera, like many super vending machines, works on both ground and grain coffee, but it is one of the few who have the technology to adapt to the characteristics of the coffee used. This technological innovation allows us to achieve consistently high quality prepared drinks, no matter how much you use them. Ground coffee is poured into a special pulver, designed for one serving. Most often it is used for making decaffeinated coffee, but this function also allows you to simply diversify your coffee menu. Gaggia Brera is equipped with a tube for dispensing hot water and steam, which allows not only to whip milk into foam for cappuccino or latte, but also to brew tea or warm any drink. The Panarello steel nozzle with special steam outlets will turn milk whipping into a quick and easy process. The "Rapid Steam" technology that Gaggia Brera is equipped with allows you to immediately switch to steam mode, rather than waiting for the machine to reconfigure and warm up. The Gaggia Brera coffee machine has quickly gained popularity among experienced coffee lovers. Reliable and convenient to use, it can easily fit in the smallest kitchen and complement your interior with its sophisticated design.

Coffee machine
Type of control
Cappuccino function
15 bar
Type of coffeemachine
Automatic coffeemachine coffeemachine
Milk container
1400 Vt
Additional functions
Making two cups of coffee at the same time/Automatic rinsing of circulation elements/Memory function/Pre-brewing
Installation method
256 mm
447 mm
315 mm
Coffee format
Used coffee container capacity
250 г
Return and exchange of goods within 30 days
Official Product Assurance

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