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Кофемашина Saeco Rubino 200


Coffee machine Saeco Rubino 200

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51,590 ₴

Coffee machine Saeco Rubino 200 is a vending machine. It is used in places with average traffic (universities, entrance areas of supermarkets, shopping centers, etc.). The machine prepares coffee drinks, hot chocolate and tea, the dosage of which can be adjusted by the client himself or choose one of 8 programmed drinks. An automated system serves stirrers, cups and sugar. There are three separate containers for friable products (milk powder, tea, instant coffee, chocolate, etc.). Three mixers work for each of the ingredients used. If instant coffee is poured into one of the containers, it is possible to prepare a caffeine-free drink. In basic settings, the device works without a payment system. In the future, it can be programmed to accept kopecks, bills, tokens and cards, connect modules for payment and delivery of change.

Coffee machine

Type of control
Cappuccino function
15 bar
Type of coffeemachine
Vending machine
Milk container
1250 Vt
Additional functions
Dosage of products per serving/Temperature/Rinsing mode/Readings of the counter of prepared drinks/Can be set from the external control panel/Menu of the machine in Russian
Installation method
Floor installation
410 mm
537 mm
757 mm
Coffee format
Used coffee container capacity
2000 г
Return and exchange of goods within 30 days
Official Product Assurance


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