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Чай пакетированный Althaus Rooibush Strawberry Cream 20х1,75 г


Deli packs Althaus Rooibush Strawberry Cream 20х1,75 g

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119 ₴

Althaus Rooibush Strawberry Cream tea is an original combination of rooibos and the beloved aroma of fresh summer strawberries with cream, packaged by Althaus for portioned brewing. Rooibos is a plant from South Africa that has become a spicy and tender basis for tea drinks, which does not contain caffeine. The hue of the drink is light, brown-red. It is rich in fragrant shades of juicy berries and creamy caramel, the taste is soft and sweet, while maintaining extraordinary lightness

Features coffee

Country of manufacture
35 г
Type of coffee
Tea bag


rooibos, strawberry лeaves, strawberry slices, flavorings
Quantity of tea bags
For brewing in
in a cup
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