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Чай пакетированный Althaus Strawberry Flip 20x4 г


Althaus Strawberry Flip grand packs 20x4 g


310 ₴

Tea Althaus Strawberry Flip - a composition of ripe fruit with the addition of a variety of flower buds. Apple, rose hip, fragrant strawberries, Sudanese rose make up a successful fruit and berry composition. It has a rich dark pink color, extreme sweetness and pleasant acidity. It gives the aroma of summer on cold winter evenings, in the warm season it is good in the cold, as an alternative to fruit and berry juices. The package contains 20 servings of tea for brewing in a teapot

Features coffee

Country of manufacture
80 г
Type of coffee
Tea bag


rosehip, hibiscus, apple, strawberry, strawberry лeaves, strawberry flavor
Quantity of tea bags
20 x 4 г
For brewing in
in the kettle
Return and exchange of goods within 30 days
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