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Чай листовой Althaus Ginger Breeze 250 г


Loose tea Althaus Ginger Breeze 250 g


374 ₴

Loose tea Althaus Ginger Breeze  - an original phyto-blend based on ginger root in combination with aromatic components, thanks to which the drink perfectly tones and has a delicious taste filling. The sharpness and freshness of ginger is complemented by citrus acidity of lemongrass and the sweetness of the zest of a bright orange. A light, cool finish is provided by the spicy coolness of dried mint leaves. Althaus Ginger Breeze tea is not only remarkable for its delicious flavoring bouquet, but also rich in vitamins and healthy substances

Features coffee

Country of manufacture
250 g
Type of coffee
Loose tea


ginger root, lemongrass, licorice root, orange zest, peppermint, black pepper
Time of extraction
4-5 min
Water temperature
85-100 °C
For brewing in
in teapot 400 ml
Serving portion
3 tea spoons
Return and exchange of goods within 30 days
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